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Notice Expert Evaluation of the Quality of a Translation

Discussion in 'Translation Audit' started by SFill, Nov 15, 2017.

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    It may happen that you are not fully satisfied with a translation of certain documentation into a foreign language done for you by some other agency. Something may be wrong with it. You are unable to figure out what it is, as you lack the knowledge of the subject or aren’t sufficiently proficient in the language of the original. Or you do see that the translation is poor but are unable to point those imperfections out for those very reasons. Or the person who handled the translation claims that the translation is correct and demands that you pay for the job in full, and you believe that’s far from being true and don’t wish to pay for a poor job like that. So what should you do? In such cases, there is a solution – to contact a third party, an independent expert, with a request to evaluate the quality of a translation and conduct an expert assessment of its quality.

    We can help you with that.

    We guarantee objectiveness and total impartiality in evaluating any given translation job.

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