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Open English>Arabic

Discussion in 'Translation' started by Maja, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Maja

    Maja Guest

    We are looking for English>Arabic translators for a project of ~250,000 words.
    The requirements are very special so if you are not eligible, please do not apply because you will not be taken into consideration.

    Successful candidates have to fulfill the following criteria:
    -to be freelance translators
    -to have official education in languages/translation
    -to have experience in translating material related to IPO, stock market, financial and legal material
    -to be able to work with CAT tools
    -to be native Arabic speakers
    -to be based in London, Montreal, Paris, New York or Madrid.
    -to have citizenship, residence and work permit in the country they are based in (one of those five mentioned above)
    -to be available to work in the client's office Monday-Friday 8 hours a day for 2 months
    If you are available for this job, please submit your CV and rate PER HOUR and send it directly to

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