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Closed Eng to Multiple language translation

Discussion in 'Long term contracts' started by Valery, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Valery

    Valery Member

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    We have a project for translation and the domain is pharma.

    Languages required are English to Czech, Brazillian Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian & Turkish.

    Please share your details if you can handle pharma domain. Mail your details


    Dear ladies and gentleman,

    I would very much like to carry out this order to their fullest satisfaction and would be very happy to have a successful cooperation.

    As you can see in my profile, I have been following the translation work for a long time. I am already working for various companies (for example also KERN, SIEMENS ...)
    As I carry out this work full time, therefore I can to issue you an invoice.
    My price offer is 0.06 Euro / word for translations and 0,75 Euro/minute in proofreading. Or an overall package price can be agreed.

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I would like to start working as soon as possible.

    Sincerely, and a nice day.

  3. Valery

    Valery Member

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    All info we send to u.

    MARIA DE ROSE New Member

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    I am an experienced translator with over 17 years of work in the field. I have a strong technical a scientific background.

    My rate is 0.08 euros/word for translation and 0.04 euros/word for proofreading.

    My CV is attached.

    Looking forward to starting a collaboration

    Maria De Rose

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  5. Olga Fisunova

    Olga Fisunova Member Translation agencies

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    Hello, Valery. My name is Olga, I represent Translation agency Azurit Inc. We have single-subject specialists in this field and language pairs. Below we have written down the cost of each translation language. English / Turkish: -0,04Euro / word of translation and 0,02 euro / proofreading word. English / Czech: 0,03evro / word of translation and 0,015evro / proofreading word; English / Brazilian Portuguese: 0,054 euro / word of translation and 0,025evro / proofreading word; English / German and English / Italian: 0.025 Euro / word of translation and 0.017Euro / proofreading word; English / Russian: 0, 02 Euro / word translation and 0.01 Euro / proofreading word. Proofreading is carried out exclusively by native speakers. We will be glad to cooperate with you. Our email: *********. Our web- site ***********
    Best regards,
    Olga Fisunova.
  6. My langs are Kannada, Hindi & Telugu
  7. Alla Kerobyan

    Alla Kerobyan New Member

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    Dear Valeria,

    We are writing to offer you our services in reference to the job post made by you on www.http://job.lang4tech.comwebsite.

    Our best rate would be 0.05 USD per word for the translation from English to German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and o.o4 USD per word for English - Russian and 0.06 USD/word for English - Czech translation .

    Shan Translation is a syndicate of communication experts which include 25000 native and experienced translators, 3500 subtitling linguists and 1500 tested content writers.

    Our prices are amongst the lowest in the industry. We provide flawless and timely services to all our clients, worldwide.

    Shan started its journey with the first office in Dubai and then there was no looking back. We have grown to have our branch offices in India, Singapore, Germany, Russia and Armenia.

    Wishing you with good business and best years ahead!

    Contact us at:

    Email – shantranslationgermany@gmail.com

    Skype – shangermany

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